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2010 National Concrete & Masonry Estimator
Labor and Material Prices for Concrete and Masonry Estimating

By Dan Atcheson

Current labor and material prices for thousands of concrete and masonry jobs and specialty items. Don’t waste hours working up a material list for every job you bid. Instead, use this manual to develop quick, accurate cost estimates. Do the material take-off only when you have the contract.

Provides manhours, recommended crew, and gives the labor cost for installation. Includes a CD-ROM with an electronic version of the book with National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program, plus an interactive multimedia video that shows how to use the disk to compile construction cost estimates. Revised annually.

You will also receive a link for a download of the 2010 electronic version at no extra charge.

Included with National Estimator CD-ROM:

  • Job Cost Wizard – turns estimates into invoices and exports both in QuickBooks
  • Free Online Technical Support – for the National Estimator Software
  • Free Monthly National Estimator Updates – Updates to the 2010 costbooks and zip code modification factors are updated monthly. Monthly price updates on the Web are free and automatic all during 2010. You'll be prompted when it's time to collect the next update. A connection to the Web is required.

Manhours, Labor and Material Costs for All Concrete and Masonry Work

  • Brick Assemblies - Standard, Norman, Jumbo, Modular, Padre, Commercial, Pavers
  • Brick Bonds - Running, Common, English, Flemish, Soldier, Sailor, Headers, Rowlock
  • Brick Specialties - Arches, Columns, Fireplaces, 8" Garden Walls, 12" Garden Walls
  • Concrete Block - 4" to 12" Wall Assemblies, Lintel Block, Radius Walls, Cavity Walls
  • CMU - Dur-O-Wal Reinforcing, Cell Grout, Shear Walls, Columns, Foundation Walls
  • Specialties - Retaining Walls, Glass Block, Stone Work, Gravity Walls, Lintels, Sills
  • Concrete Footings & Foundations - Caissons, Column Pads, Continuous Footings
  • Concrete on Grade - Spread Footings, Thickened Edge Footings, Slabs, Sidewalks
  • Concrete Specialties - Concrete Walls, Dowels, Stairs On Grade, Stairs Above Grade
  • Concrete Beams & Columns - Tie Beams, Rake Beams, Square & Round Columns
  • Beams for Elevated Slabs - Interior Beams & Girders, Spandrel Beams, Reinforcing
  • Elevated Slabs - Pan Slabs, Waffle Slabs, Flat Slabs, Concrete Accessories, Rebar
  • In-Place Assembly Costs - Including Concrete, Formwork, Steel, Placing and Finish

Don't waste hours working up material lists for every job you bid. Instead, use this manual to develop quick, accurate cost estimates. Do the material take-off only when you've got the contract.

The Author: Dan Atcheson, the son of a Texas architect, began working on construction sites as a teenager. During his career he worked at most of the construction trades, from earthwork and masonry to framing and roofing. He added estimating to his skills in the 70s, teaching construction cost estimating at Texas Tech University. In the 1980s and 1990s he was a featured presenter at estimating seminars and conventions nationwide. He now divides his time among his construction consulting business, writing on construction topics and raising English bulldogs. His technical papers on construction and estimating have been published in many trade magazines, and he has authored several construction manuals: National Earthwork & Heavy Equipment Estimator, Estimating Framing Quantities, Roofing Construction & Estimating, and National Framing & Finish Carpentry Estimator.

Free Estimating Disk Enclosed

In the back of this book you'll find National Estimator, a CD-ROM with all the cost estimates in the book plus an easy-to-use estimating program for Windows™ National Estimator works just like a book. Page through the entire book one screen at a time or use the electronic index to search (in seconds) for what you need. Then select the cost estimates you want and copy them to your estimate with the touch of a key. It's quick and easy (costs are extended and columns totaled automatically). And you can change any price or quantity and add subtotals where needed. Then add the markup of your choice.

Job Cost Wizard

Turns estimates into invoices and exports to QuickBooks Pro. Export entire estimates or invoices to track job costs for each item or category in your estimate. Then compare estimated and actual costs for each part of any job. Handles progressive billing (invoices for each part of the job) with QuickBooks Pro. Requires Win 98 or higher

2010 National Concrete & Masonry Estimator - Craftsman Book Co - 1572182245 - ISBN: 1572182245 - ISBN-13: 9781572182240
Paperback, 608 pages

2010 National Concrete & Masonry Estimator


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2010 National Concrete & Masonry Estimator - Craftsman Book Co - 1572182245 - ISBN: 1572182245 - ISBN-13: 9781572182240
Paperback, 608 pages