Considering CCTV for Home Security?

CCTV – Complimenting Your Home Alarm

Should you invest in a CCTV system for your home? And what’s the difference between wired and wireless options? Find out below in our expert guide!

Home security with discrete CCTV cameras offer homeowners peace of mind at low cost.Set your budget early on and build around what you can afford. You might be surprised what you can do on a small budget

You could even reduce your home insurance premium too by installing a home CCTV kit!

Will your new home CCTV camera be able to see what you want?

It is not easy to identify burglars from many high angles. CCTV cameras that are mounted too high are often useless for catching faces.

Cameras are limited by their Field of View. A better Field of View lets a CCTV camera capture video from a wider angle and gives you better area coverage. If you want to monitor your whole back garden or all your driveway with a single CCTV camera, consider a wide Field of View camera.

Many webcam and network camera manufacturers offer digital zoom and image panning options.
However if you choose a low-res camera– they will not let a cheap camera see any better.

That’s why the resolution capability of the camera is much better to focus on than the style of camera. If you are looking to secure a property in a high-crime area then it may be best to side with a high resolution camera than a cheaper alternative. Because when it comes to choosing and installing your home security system, what pays off now may end up costing you later on.

Some people feel dome cameras are better if you want to resist tampering. Others find them to be unreliable as they are completely stationary and often do not come with any camera panning options.

Another important factor to consider is the level of accessibility you seek in your cameras backup feed. What may work well for some may be an inconvenience to others. Talk to the people in your home to see how far back you wish your CCTV feed backup to be.

No matter what you choose, there are lots to choose from.
So pick your camera position and buy to suit both your needs, and your budget.

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