Deadbolt Lock Buyers Guide

Deadbolt Locks – Your Homes Most Important Security Feature

Are you thinking about upgrading the security on your home or vehicle? A deadbolt lock is a simple, versatile, and time-tested method of keeping your property and valuables safe. Despite their simplicity, deadbolts are proven to be one of the most secure locks available worldwide, and are much more reliable than the common Spring-Bolt lock installed in most homes.

Their versatility comes from their wide range of uses and types. A single cylinder Deadbolt, which locks and unlocks from the outside with a key, is the best choice for a standard home entrance. The ease of manipulating the mechanism from the inside allows for unrestricted access simply by moving the latch. Double Cylinder Deadbolts are more complex, and require you to have a key from both the inside and outside to operate. These are great for an entrance with a glass pane in the door, as it still won’t allow access if the burglar has the opportunity to reach the knob from the inside. Unfortunately, as they are very secure, a fire escape plan is necessary to be drawn up, upon installation. Lastly, we have the Keyless Entry Deadbolt, which requires a numeric password to be input through a provided keypad that locks, and unlocks the door. You’ve seen a variance of these in every spy movie, but they’re incredibly effective in personal situations, like locking up valuables in a keypad enabled safe.

While simple, secure and generally quick to install, it’s best to contact a professional service technician to make sure that you’re choosing the right lock for the job if you’re unsure. The three different types of deadbolts can easily be found in any hardware store nation wide, and I’m sure that one will satisfy your need for security.

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