Residential Alarms for Rental Properties

Protecting Your Rental Property

Whether your home is your own, or a rental property, the items inside have the same value.  It’s important, regardless of your living situation to keep your possessions safe and secure – as well as ensure the protection of your own, or your family’s personal space.

A regulation security system in a rental property can even decrease 3rd party renter’s insurance rates. The hard truth is that renters are targeted in burglaries more often than home owners, because the criminal assumes that the tenant will not take the initiative, and take the proper precautions.

Search for a registered and trustworthy alarm company in your area that offers security systems for renters.  If there are a variety to choose from, take your time and research the business that offers a solution that’s right for your budget and security needs.

Wireless alarm systems can be installed quickly, and don’t leave any permanent markings on your walls or doors; an especially attractive feature for renters. With no holes required, and the ability to move it to your next home if need be, they’re a snap to set up, and a renter’s dream. Remote access allows you to lock and unlock your door from a wireless control button that easily fits on your keychain.  It’s no hassle, and gives you a leg up on the security of surrounding rental properties, ensuring your stuff remains safe. Call your local locksmithing company and inquire about wireless security systems today.

Regardless of your current solution, if you have concerns about your safety, speak to your landlord or property manager about installing a more complex security system. A simple conversation can make the difference between panic and peace of mind. With so many solutions available, including conventional locks and additional deadbolts (if permitted by your landlord), you can make sure your valuables, your property and your family can be safe, confident, and secure.

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